QCALL network met for the very first time!

The event in Leeds is now over, and all participants are back to their research duties at their home institutions. Here is what happened during 18-20 October 2017!


The meeting started on Wednesday with a training session reserved to the ESRs, dedicated to mutual learning of their respective projects inside QCALL and some activities on communication skills, project management and ethical research. All of them led to interesting exchanges of views and insights on what it means to be part of an international network and a research group.
The afternoon included a brainstorming session for the organization of an outreach project, focused on our website and social media.



In the evening, the ESRs reached the city center for some quick sightseeing and…Indian food! (Fortunately, our Nilesh was ready to explain all the details on what we were about to eat!)




The morning after saw the ESRs engaged in the preparation of their personal pages on the QCALL websites and in the creation of a Facebook page. After lunch, other members and collaborators of the network joined in for a suggestive visit at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Some fog and light rain seemed to add even more to the feeling of mistery the park already had…




On Friday morning, all the partecipants shortly presented themselves, their reasearch projects and their role at QCALL. The ESRs received a first draft of schedule for their secondments, which will take place during the next three years at institutions among the partners of the project. The afternoon ended with a meeting of the Supervisory Board, which is already at work for our next appointment in Vigo, 7-12 May 2018!