Innocenzo De Marco



Short bio

Born and raised in Southern Italy. Obtained Bachelor’s Degree in Physics at Università della Calabria; graduated (Master’s Degree) at Sapienza – Università di Roma with a thesis on Integrated simulation of Anderson localization.

Research Profile

Currently working as an ESR at Toshiba Research Europe Ltd in Cambridge, UK. My project is aimed to integrate the components of a QKD transmitter or receiver into a small-sized chip, in order to implement a QKD system in a device which can be manufactured in a large-scale market; this would be the first step in the realisation of a widespread QKD network, as the state of the art QKD systems so far are not designed to address the general public.

Scientific areas of interest

Beside Quantum Communication and Quantum Cryptography, I am also interested in the fabrication of integrated photonic circuits using different platforms