NAME: Nilesh Vyas
PROJECT 3: Phase encrypted continuous variable quantum communication and hybrid quantum cryptography
SUPERVISOR: Dr. Romain Alleaum


Research Interest
My research interest focuses on Quantum Information and Computation, Foundations of
quantum mechanics.

I am working on Hybrid Quantum Cryptography with focus on developing new security models and constructing new protocols which provide everlasting security and a performance better than QKD in terms of tolerance to the high level of noise and channel loss.

Research Experience

  • July 2016- May 2017: Masters thesis at NISER, Quantum Non-Local Games,
  • SUMMER 2016:  4th-year summer project at BANGALORE UNIVERSITY, Bangalore,  Joint Measurability,
  • SUMMER 2015:  3rd-year summer project at S.N.BOSE NCBS, Kolkata, Quantum Steering and Evolution of a Quantum state in presence of Local Environment,
  • JAN 2015 – MAY 2015:  6th-semester project at NISER, Bhubaneswar,  Bell’s Inequality and its application in Quantum Non-Local Games,
  • SUMMER 2014:  2nd-year summer project at IISER, Kolkata, Quantum Teleportation,