Project 11: Quantum communication protocols in optical networks

Host Institute: University of Vigo

Project Supervisor: Prof. Marcos Curty

ESR: Róbert Trényi

Tentative placements/visits arranged at:  Toshiba Research Europe Ltd, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT)

Starting date:

Duration: 3 years.

Project Description

While the most well-known example of quantum cryptography is undoubtedly QKD, there are many other potential cryptographic applications that could exploit quantum-mechanical effects to outperform current classical solutions. A PhD position is available on a project to investigate some relevant examples of such protocols in order to evaluate their feasibility, security and performance with current technology. The range of protocols considered includes, for instance, quantum digital signature schemes, secure identification schemes, and quantum communication complexity protocols that lead to savings in the required amount of communication and storage of information when compared to their classical counterparts. The goal is to identify practical scenarios where such schemes can outperform classical cryptographic solutions and find suitable implementable designs for them. The work will be carried out in close connection with other relevant partners in the network.

Project Outcomes

To be updated.