Project 12: Continuous-variable quantum cryptographic protocols beyond QKD

Host Institute: Universite Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC)

Project Supervisor: Dr Eleni Diamanti

ESR: Shouvik Ghorai

Starting date: October 2017

Duration: 3 years

Project Description

In quantum communication networks information can be encoded on properties of single-photon states (qubits) or alternatively on properties of light that take continuous values, such as the quadrature components of coherent states. This continuous-variable (CV) framework offers practical advantages for quantum communications, including the use of off-the-shelf telecom devices, as has been shown successfully for instance for quantum key distribution (QKD). This PhD project is interested in applying this favourable framework to the study and implementation of quantum cryptographic protocols that go beyond key distribution, with the goal of extending the available practical security toolbox and applications for the emerging quantum communication networks. These protocols include in particular recently proposed quantum money schemes. From a theoretical perspective, the project will consider both restricted (e.g., noisy storage) and information-theoretic security models, with the corresponding trade-offs in terms of protocol performance. On the experimental side, the project will seek to develop devices suitable for practical implementations of the developed protocols, exploiting in particular integrated photonic technologies.

Project Outcomes

To be updated.