Project 13: Multipartite quantum communication systems

Host Institute: University of Düsseldorf

Project Supervisor: Prof Dr Dagmar Bruß

Tentative placements/visits arranged at: University of Vigo, University of Pierre and Marie Curie Paris,  and MPQ Garching

Starting date: flexible but strictly no later than 1 Oct 2017

Duration: 3 years

Annual Salary: Equivalent to €36,872.16 + €7,200 (for mobility allowance) + €6,000 (for family allowance, if eligible); this is before any applicable tax and/or deductions.

Project Description

The PhD student will investigate quantum communication scenarios with more than two parties. This theory project is structured into the following subtopics: 1) Multipartite quantum key distribution and its security analysis; here, the researcher will analyse the security of quantum cryptography when using multipartite entanglement, with particular emphasis on finite-key effects and device-independent scenarios.  2) Distribution of multipartite entanglement; here, the researcher will carry out a performance analysis for establishing multipartite entanglement (especially, over long distances), via the concept of graph state quantum repeater networks. Particular attention will be given to hardware requirements such as photon sources, memories, gates and detectors. The performance of a network with quantum routers will also be studied. 3) Quantum communication protocols beyond quantum key distribution; here, the  researcher will study other multipartite quantum communication protocols such as secret sharing, and investigate their security in an  implementation, using the results from the previous subtopics.


Candidate profile

Education: MSc (or close to finishing the MSc) in Physics

Relevant Research Fields: Quantum information theory, entanglement theory, quantum optics, quantum cryptography, quantum networks

Languages: ENGLISH (Excellent)

The candidate should be willing to travel to and collaborate with all, beneficiary or partner organisation, members of the network.

Eligibility rules

For full explanation of eligibility rules please see here. In short, eligibility rules require candidates to have been resident outside the host country (Germany) for at least two of the past three years prior to the start of their contract. They should also be in the first 4 years (full-time equivalent) of their research careers. This is measured from the date that you obtained the degree that would entitle you to embark on a PhD. The candidates cannot have a PhD degree at the time of recruitment, but it is possible to be a PhD student and still satisfy the above condition.

How to Apply

To apply for this position, follow the instructions below:

  • Fill out the application form.
  • Send an email to quantuminfo(at) containing
    1. a short motivation letter;
    2. your CV;
    3. your marks and certificates (BSc and MSc); and
    4. the names and e-mail-addresses of two Professors who would be willing to provide a short letter of recommendation for you.