Schools & Workshops

QCALL has envisaged various scientific and complementary skill workshops for its network members, and beyond.

QCALL Scientific Schools

School of Quantum Secure Communications (SQSC)

7-11 May 2018, Baiona, Spain

The school covered the following topics: 1) Various QKD protocols ranging from BB84 and entanglement-based QKD through to device-independent, measurement-device-independent, and continuous variable QKD; 2) Sketch of security proofs and the underlying theory for main QKD protocols; 3) Experimental challenges facing the implementation of each system; 4) Beyond-QKD protocols; and 5) Industrial outlook. QCALL welcomed out-of-network participation of a number of external delegates.

School of Quantum Communications Networks (SQCN)

19-22 September 2018, Padova, Italy

The school covered topics on 1) Quantum networking based on trusted nodes; 2) Challenges of integration of quantum and classical networks; 3) Quantum  repeaters and quantum memories; 4) Satellite QKD; 5) Future no-memory quantum repeaters; and 6) Multipartite QC schemes. QCALL welcomed out-of-network participation of a number of external delegates. You can learn more about what happened in the blog written by our ESRs here.

QCALL Scientific Workshops

QCALL will organise two scientific meetings, open to all interested researchers, to showcase the QCALL outcomes along with the latest progress in the field.

QCALL Early-Stage Researchers Conference (ESRC)

To be held in Addaura Hotel in Mondello, Sicily, 16-19 September 2019

More detail in due time.

QCALL Final Network Symposium (FNS)

To be held in Paris, 23-26 June 2020

More detail in due time.

QCALL Complementary-Skill Workshops

CS1 on Project Management

To be held in Leeds, 18-19 October 2017

CS2 on Presentation Skills

To be held in Italy, sessions during 17-18 September 2018

CS3 on Entrepreneurship

To be held in Cambridge, sessions during 23-27 September 2019