Quantum Communications for ALL (QCALL) is a European Innovative Training Network that endeavours to take the next necessary steps to bring the developing quantum technologies closer to the doorsteps of end users. QCALL will empower a nucleus of 15 doctoral researchers in this area to provide secure communications in the European continent and, in the long run, to its connections worldwide. Check out our research work packages and training activities in the form of Schools and Workshops to find more about the scope of the project.

QCALL ESR Conference 2019

QCALL Science Film Contest

Fête de la science, Paris 2018

Complementary Skill Workshop II: Let’s talk about Science

The School on Quantum Communications Networks lived up to the expectations!

ESRs at VenetoNight 2018 – La notte dei ricercatori European Researchers’ night in Padova

ESRs at the Nuit de la Science (Night of Science)

School of Quantum Communications Networks is accepting applications

The first Summer School is now over and it was a success !

Vigo ESRs at the International School of Oporto.