Outreach and public engagement will be an important part of QCALL. Each ESR will be involved in several outreach activities during their PhD.

Recent outreach activities:


Upcoming Events

-‘Fete de la Sciences’ organized by Équipe de la Fête de la Science Sorbonne Universités  10-12 October 2018

– One group one school: June/July 2018 and Fête de la Science (http://www.fetedelascience.fr/), 10-18 November 2018

– “La notte dei Ricercatori” in Padova, Italy

QCALL Science Film Contest: QCALL will organise a Science Film Festival with participants from secondary schools in and around partners’ cities of residence. More detail will be published in due time.

QCALL Open Day: In conjunction with our Final Network Symposium, QCALL will arrange an Open Day, where members of the public will be invited to public lectures, given by lead scientists in the field, demonstrations, and laboratory tours based on the QCALL’s research and industrial partners. More detail will be coming in due time.