Gaëtan Gras

ID picture

Name : Gaëtan Gras
Nationality : France
Location : ID Quantique, Geneva
Supervisor : Félix Bussières at ID Quantique, Hugo Zbinden at the University of Geneva
Project : Resilience of commercial discrete-variable QKD systems against quantum hacking

Short bio

Born in Saint-Etienne, I did my Master in Grenoble-INP Phelma (France). After graduating, I worked for a few months at the CEA Grenoble on single photon detectors for LIDAR applications. Since March, I joined ID Quantique and this QCALL project to work on the security of commercial QKD system.

Research profile

Even though QKD is theoretically secure, real world implementation suffer from imperfections that can be exploited by an eavesdropper. My work consists in finding potential loopholes in a system and come up with countermeasures to close these loopholes.

Scientific areas of interests

QKD, quantum hacking, single photon detector