Project 8: Optimal cost-effective distribution of quantum resources in future quantum networks

Host Institute: University of Leeds

Project Supervisor: Dr Mohsen Razavi

ESR: Yumang Jing

Starting date: September 2017

Duration: 3 years.

Project Description

A PhD position is available on the enabling technologies for long-distance trust-free QKD networks. The structure at the “backbone” of future generations of hybrid quantum-classical networks, in which quantum repeaters are in use, will be investigated. The first generations of quantum repeaters require, among other things, high-performance quantum memory modules for their operation. In network setups, it is important to identify how such valuable resources are being used to maximise the performance at the minimal cost. In this project, relevant protocols for entanglement distribution in 2D network setups, where a fixed number of memories are utilised in each node, are developed. We investigate the optimal distribution of resources to meet certain design criteria. The work will be carried out in close connection with Project 6 and other relevant partners in the network.

Project Outcomes

To be updated.