QCALL Science Film Contest

Are you interested in quantum physics? Do you have an amazing idea for a new technology using quantum mechanics?

Then share it with us by making a short video clip for our Science Film Contest !

Poster film festival v3

In order to participate, you have to register your interest by 30th November 2019.  A number of teams will be selected by our ESRs, and will be coached by them to produce a video clip. All other teams are still welcome to create a clip and submit it to the film contest, but our ESRs may not be able to support them. The deadline for the final submission of video clips is 1 March 2020. All clips will be published on our website and screened alongside our QCALL Final Network Symposium, which will be held in Paris, France, in Autumn 2020. Other screenings will later be arranged in each local participating cities.

Film Contest Guidelines

  • Participants: The film contest is open to teams from secondary (high) schools across Europe as well as Bachelor students. Selected teams, who receive additional support, are, however, expected to be from one of the main cities involved with the QCALL project. That includes Leeds, Cambridge, Dusseldorf, Vigo, Geneva, Padova, and Paris.
  • Content: Participants will have the choice between presenting a certain aspect of quantum physics (e.g., entanglement, teleportation, or quantum communications), to promote quantum related products/applications or make a video of a lab visit.  Our doctoral students can help the selected teams to narrow down their ideas into a concrete plan.
  • Resolution: High definition (HD) or higher quality is required in order to ensure a quality sufficient for the projection on a wide screen.
  • Length of the clips: We accept clips in two categories in terms of duration: Category 1 for up to 7 minutes of duration, and Category 2 for up to 3 minutes of duration. Each team can submit in either of the two categories, or in both. Submissions in each category will only compete with other clips within the same category. Submissions to Category 2 have the chance to also participate in the EC programme for showcasing EU projects.
  • Language: Clips can be in any language, but they should all have English subtitles.
  • License: The QCALL network will have the right to use the clips as it sees fit. The EU funding should be acknowledged in all clips. Selected Teams are entitled to get reimbursed for production costs within reasonable figures  (up to €200). Standard CC BY-SA, or a variation of it, will be considered for the license document.
  • Prize: The winning school/team in each category will receive financial support for one of their key school projects for up to €300.
  • Be creative!

If you need more information, please contact us at QCALLFilmContest@qcall-itn.eu, or approach your local ESR in your city of residence.