QCALL Final Symposium on
Advances in Quantum Communications

3-5 May 2021
Time (CET) Monday, 3 May Tuesday, 4 May Wednesday, 5 May
Session I: Novel Techniques in Quantum Secure Communications 1 Session III: Novel Techniques in Quantum Secure Communications 2 Session V: Quantum Repeaters
14:00-14:30 Recent progress in practical quantum key distribution

Xiang-Bin Wang

Tsinghua University

Ultimate limits of the quantum Internet

Stefano Pirandola

University of York

Trapped-ion interfaces for quantum networks

Tracy Northup

University of Innsbruck

14:30-15:00 Device-independent protocols from computational assumptions

Tony Metger

ETH Zürich

Asymptotic security of discrete-modulation protocols for continuous-variable quantum key distribution

Eneet Kaur

University of Waterloo

Quantum repeaters based on concatenated bosonic and discrete-variable quantum codes

Liang Jiang

University of Chicago

15:00-15:20 Using random sampling theory to prove the finite-key security of non-standard QKD protocols

Guillermo Curras Lorenzo

University of Leeds

Continuous-variable quantum money with classical verification

Shouvik Ghorai

Sorbonne University

Quantum key distribution over quantum repeaters with encoding

Yumang Jing

University of Leeds

15:20-15:40 Bridging the gap between theory and practice of QKD

Margarida Pereira

University of Vigo

Everlasting secure key agreement in a quantum computational time-lock security model

Nilesh Vyas

Telecom Paris

A long-lived quantum memory for quantum repeaters

Antonio Ortu

University of Geneva

15:40-16:15 Break Break Break
Session II: Device-Independent  and Quantum Random Number Generators Session IV: Experimental Quantum Key Distribution Session VI: Satellite and Near-term QKD Systems
16:15-16:45 Higher rates for device-independent randomness expansion

Roger Colbeck

University of York

Frequency conversion of single photons to 1550 nm enabling quantum communication protocols

Beatrice da Lio

University of Copenhagen

Satellite quantum key distribution & the QEYSSat mission

Katanya Kuntz

University of Waterloo

16:45-17:05 Practical semi-self testing randomness generation based on quantum state’s indistinguishably

Hamid Tebyanian

University of Padova

Dual-band phase stabilisation technique for long distance quantum communications

Mirko Pittaluga

Toshiba Research Europe Ltd

Recent developments in practical BB84 QKD

Mujtaba Zahidy

University of Padova

17:05-17:25 Entropy bounds for multipartite device-independent cryptography

Federico Grasselli

University of Dusseldorf

Countermeasure against quantum hacking using detection statistics

Gaëtan Gras

ID Quantique

Performance of the coherent-one-way quantum key distribution protocol

Róbert Trényi

University of Vigo

17:25- 17:45 TBA

Davide Rusca

University of Geneva

Photonic integration of a directly phase-modulated source for quantum key distribution

Innocenzo De Marco

Toshiba Research Europe Ltd

Intercontinental communication through space-borne quantum repeaters

Carlo Liorni

University of Dusseldorf

17:45- 19:00 Free evening

for discussions

Industry Panel: Starting a quantum company Free evening

for discussions

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